About the Band

Pipley formed in 2017, begun by experienced musicians who were members of the Bath Folk Festival organising team. Initial rehearsals were held at Pipley Barn in Lansdown, Bath, hence the band name, ‘Pipley’.

The band is available for hire. We have a sliding scale of charges depending on our travel costs and on the nature of the event. A typical charge for a local charity event would be around £500, whereas weddings would be around £800. We normally assume that the organizer will provide food and drink for the band and caller.

If interested to find out more, please contact us. We will then ask you to fill in our booking form and send a £100 deposit (refundable up to 6 weeks prior to event) which will secure the booking. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pipley has Public Liability Insurance (PLI) to an indemnity limit of £5m through Ripe Insurance, underwritten by Aviva.

Pipley consists of:

  • Rachel: fiddle
  • John: keyboard (and sometimes bass)
  • Toby: mandolin and banjo
  • Alan: whistles
  • Stewart: tuba
  • Graham: percussion
  • Patrick: caller (missing from most of the other photos)